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Picture Quality, Painting Techniques And Craftsmanship

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LumosArte provides 100% handmade oil paintings on canvas with museum quality. Our artists are not only skilled in reproducing famous oil paintings but also good at creating original modern paintings.

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LumosArte With more than 20 years experience in oil painting . we keep 100% handmade oil paintings on canvas with artists quality. We have 100 pure hand-painted painters, including 10 well-known creative artists with domestic qualification certification, focusing on creating new design, 30 skilled painters with more than 10 years are responsible for leading the team to produce pure hand-painted oil paintings to ensure the monthly delivery qty is not less than 100,000 pieces.

We insist on using Artists’ Oil Colour series , to ensure light fastness and longevity, to really maintain its brilliance, and more importantly to ensure that the pigments we use are environmentally friendly, non-toxic and harmless after drying, and will not cause harm to the human body.

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